Give Water, Crush Thirst!

House & Techno Charity Movement for Ethiopia

The dry spell is over: More and more clubs are opening their doors again after a long pandemic break – it’s party time again! Especially important: drink plenty of water! Drinking water is an absolute matter of course at techno parties, just as it is in our everyday lives.

Unfortunately, the situation is still quite different in Ethiopia. Did you know that four out of ten people there still have no access to clean drinking water? Diseases are the result of contaminated water, and girls and women in particular often spend several hours a day carrying water for miles instead of being able to go to school or work.


“Three bottles for a lifetime”


Menschen für Menschen (People for People) foundation has been building hand-dug wells and spring developments for 40 years. Just 10 Euros – about three bottles of water at a festival or club – is enough to give a person in Ethiopia permanent access to the most basic human need and to improve his or her life in the long term.

Let’s end the drought together in Ethiopia and donate for our well construction: Give Water, Crush Thirst!


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Wells are joint projects


Thanks to our supporters, we have been able to supply hundreds of thousands of people with clean drinking water over the past 40 years. The population itself is responsible for ensuring that this remains the case in the long term.

A water committee, elected by the inhabitants of the village, is trained by Menschen für Menschen to maintain and care for the well, in order to ensure the longest possible useful life. The water committee usually retains a well supervisor. The latter is responsible for the maintenance and regular cleaning of the well and receives payment for his work from the funds contributed by the users. The amount of this usage fee is specified by the villagers themselves and used to pay for any repairs or spare parts needed in future.

This is what our work is about: the principle of helping people to help themselves. We enlist the support of the local population in our projects at an early stage, and place great emphasis on participation and dialogue at eye level. Upon completion, infrastructure facilities are handed over to the local community, thus avoiding external dependencies.

Die Stiftung Menschen für Menschen - Karlheinz Böhms Äthiopienhilfe ist eine öffentliche Stiftung des bürgerlichen Rechts. Sie wird beim Finanzamt München unter der Steuernummer 143/235/72144 geführt und wurde zuletzt mit Freistellungsbescheid vom 5. Juni 2024 (gültig bis 4. Juni 2029) wegen Förderung steuerbegünstigter Zwecke von der Körperschafts- und Gewerbesteuer befreit und somit als gemeinnützige Organisation anerkannt.