High Five 4 Life - The campaign for the young generation

HIGH FIVE 4 LIFE: Young campaign of the Menschen für Menschen Foundation

Active commitment to create a better future for the people in Ethiopia

Munich, 30 June 2017. With the HIGH FIVE 4 LIFE (www.highfive4life.de) campaign the Menschen für Menschen Foundation – Karlheinz Böhm’s Ethiopia Aid is appealing to young people to contribute to an improvement in the living conditions of the people in Ethiopia through their active commitment.

The common goal of the Foundation’s young and committed people, the ‘Young Volunteers’ and the Menschen für Menschen ambassadors, is to create a better future for the people in Ethiopia in their home environment. This includes clean drinking water, food security through improved cultivation and livestock rearing methods, the construction of schools and provision of educational courses, medical care and promotion of small businesses in the fight against poverty.

The ambassador team, premier league footballer Julia Simic, Jo, Fabi and Mäx from the rock band KILLERPILZE and funk and soul band BITTENBINDER are highly motivated: “Aid for self-development guides the farming families step-by-step to an independent, dignified life. In our eyes this is the only conceivable and right way to go. We call upon you to become active and take this path together with the Ethiopians!”

Those interested will find ideas for participating and creative ways of raising funds for HIGH FIVE 4 LIFE on the newly designed homepage www.highfive4life.de. HIGH FIVE 4 LIFE supporters are regularly informed by newsletter and on Facebook about the latest developments in Ethiopia and the activities of other active volunteers. These can be shared with friends and acquaintances for the purpose of recruiting further committed individuals.

At the end of the year the most creative and successful volunteers will be honoured and rewarded with a get-together with prominent Menschen für Menschen youth ambassadors.

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