Project and performance record

Our achievements

Over five million Ethiopians in eleven active and eight phased out project areas, extending over an area of more than 50,000 square kilometres, are today benefitting from our measures. Accordingly impressive are our successes.

Sustainable land management and nutrition

Row planting for soil conservation

Closed afforestation sites

Construction of terraces and bunds

Tree nurseries

Tree seedlings distributed

Wood-saving “green” stoves

Households with a newly laid-out vegetable garden

Modern beehives

Veterinary stations

Water, sanitation and hygiene

Water points

Water supply for rural towns

Water reservoirs


Schools (newly built or extended)

Vocational training centres

Agrotechnical and Technology College

Participants in literacy campaigns

Graduates from the ATTC (Bachelor)

School Residences

Participants in training courses for the rural population


Health centres



Eye operations

Participants in awareness-raising courses

Members of anti-AIDS clubs (in schools)

Family planning (patients receiving contraceptives)

Participants in AIDS prevention training and care of the sick

Major HIV/AIDS awareness-raising events

Human development

Women who have taken up microcredits

Participants in home economics courses

Participants in handicrafts training courses

Infrastructure needed for project work


Access roads and paths

Home for children and young people