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The structures of Menschen für Menschen

The Menschen für Menschen Foundation has been in existence in Germany since 1981. With aid for self-development in the rural areas, for over 30 years it has been highly successful in helping to improve the living conditions of the people in Ethiopia. Over 400 schools, almost 100 health centres and over 2,000 waterpoints have been constructed and are visible proof of the success of the aid organization in one of the world’s poorest countries. Over five million Ethiopians are already benefiting from the Foundation’s work.

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Executive Board Germany


Learn more about the Executive Board in Germany.

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Project and performance record: main activities of the Foundation since 1981

Read here what Menschen für Menschen has achieved to date in the areas of education, health, agroecology, water, promotion of women, infrastructure and social.

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The project areas of Menschen für Menschen


In Ethiopia Menschen für Menschen is active in twelve integrated rural development projects. The newest areas are Gawo Kebe Kundudu and Jeldu.

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Aid for self-development: measures of integrated rural development projects


Menschen für Menschen works together with the local population in the project regions in the planning and implementation of integrated rural development projects. These include dovetailed measures from all aspects of life, such as improved farming methods, supply of clean drinking water, education, health and income. Our aim is to provide aid for self-development. All projects must be planned for the long term. The goal is to enable the people of entire regions to improve their life circumstances by their own efforts until one day they no longer need assistance from outside.

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Vita Karlheinz Böhm: film star, humanitarian helper and founder of the Foundation


“Aid for self-development instead of charity.” According to this principle, actor Karlheinz Böhm founded his organization Menschen für Menschen in 1981. His criticism of the unjust distribution between rich and poor was the driving force behind everything he did. He always wanted to show that a more just world is possible. The donations received by his aid organization were allocated to the construction of wells, schools and health centres – in this way Karlheinz Böhm’s foundation has to date enabled over five million people in the East African country to lead a better life. And the Foundation’s work continues.

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Vita Almaz Böhm: helping the people in her homeland Ethiopia


Almaz Böhm has been working for the Menschen für Menschen Foundation since 1986. She began as head of the Department for Livestock Rearing in the first project area of Menschen für Menschen in the Erer Valley and later became the closest advisor to her husband Karlheinz Böhm († 2014), founder of Menschen für Menschen. From 2004 to 2008 Almaz Böhm was Chairman of the Supervisory Board, thereafter managing chairwoman and from 2011 to the end of 2013 Chairman of the Executive Board of Menschen für Menschen in Germany. She was the first female African at the head of a major western aid organization and responsible for over 700 employees in Ethiopia and in Europe. Until 4 May 2016 Almaz Böhm was voluntary patron of Menschen für Menschen.

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Management in Ethiopia


Read here who is responsible for management in Ethiopia.

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