Integrated sustainable development

Our approach

Because the problems in the remote areas of Ethiopia are closely interrelated, it seldom makes sense to tackle deficits in isolation from one another. For this reason we operate according to the principle of integrated sustainable development. Together with the local population we determine the measures necessary for sustainable development in five focal areas in selected project regions and link them together to form an overall strategy.

Our focal points


Food security through improved methods of cultivation and animal husbandry, together with terracing and afforestation measures to combat soil erosion.


Equipment of health centres to improve the standard of medical care, training of nursing staff and organization of awareness-raising campaigns.



Hand dug wells and spring developments to supply the population with clean drinking water, awareness-raising for better hygiene.



Construction of schools, provision of training facilities in vocational schools (TVETs) and literacy courses.


Promotion of small-scale enterprise to combat poverty, microcredits and education to improve the social standing of women; development of infrastructure for better access to markets.

Emergency aid

With these measures outside our integrated development projects we provide short-term aid, e.g. in the event of famine.

We place an emphasis on the principle of integrated sustainable development. Obtain an overview of our measures in the five focal areas.

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