A total of about 450,000 schoolchildren now attend the schools built by Menschen für Menschen.

A total of about 450,000 schoolchildren now attend the schools built by Menschen für Menschen.

Menschen für Menschen Foundation calls for fair opportunities for people in Africa

Munich, 6 July 2017. Prior to the G20 summit in Hamburg, the Menschen für Menschen Foundation – Karlheinz Böhm’s Ethiopia Aid, has called for fair opportunities for people in Africa. The continent is poised on the threshold to a new age. Now it is more important than ever to support men, women and children in poor regions in their struggle to live a life of dignity by their own efforts. Young people need a career perspective in their home country, and families should have a future that is worth living, in which they are permanently independent of outside help.

“The African people must go their own self-determined development path, without the benevolent paternalism of western society. We must distance ourselves from the donor-receiver mentality and move towards partnership and cooperation at eye level,” stresses Peter Renner, Executive Director of the Menschen für Menschen Foundation and responsible for the project work of the relief organization in Ethiopia. Renner continues: “The dynamism of the social and economic development in many African countries are clear indications that Africa is on its way to becoming the continent of the future. This represents a huge opportunity to at last achieve peace and prosperity in these countries that have been exploited over the past centuries.

“In the view of the non-profit organization Menschen für Menschen, which has been successfully implementing projects in Ethiopia for the past 35 years, involving the African people in the decision-making process from the outset is a prerequisite for continued sustainable development. Only in this way can they become independent of outside help in future.

Coordinated and strategic long-term measures – together with the local people – are necessary to improve the general living conditions of the population. Solutions and initiatives geared to the needs of the respective African countries are called for, accompanied by fair world trade with the appropriate structures and consistent climate protection measures. It will then be possible to lessen the effects of drought and famines.

The work of Menschen für Menschen

Since its inception, Menschen für Menschen has pursued the concept of sustainable development at eye level. The actual needs of the population were and remain the focal point of operations, enabling it to derive specific, interwoven measures. The integrated approach continues to be the organization’s leitmotif.

Together with the local population, Menschen für Menschen works to plan and implement integrated rural development projects in the project regions. These comprise dovetailed measures in all areas of life, such as improvements in agriculture, supplies of clean drinking water, education, health and human development. The decisive factor here is aid for self-development, and all projects must be planned for a sustainable future. The aim is to enable the population of entire regions to improve their life situation by their own efforts, until they are one day no longer in need of outside help. Far in excess of 5 million men, women and children have hitherto benefited from the activities of the relief organization and received an opportunity to improve their lives. A total of about 450,000 schoolchildren now attend the schools built by Menschen für Menschen, and have access to a school education.

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