Livelihoods apart from farming

The majority of Ethiopians live off the land – mostly from hand to mouth. The existing arable land has long since become insufficient for all. There is a lack of income alternatives apart from farming. Many of those who have no opportunity to improve their standard of living feel compelled to leave their homeland.

Through its work Menschen für Menschen creates opportunities for development and helps the rural population to secure their livelihood. Handicraft courses and microcredits give many families a new start in life with an additional income and stabilize their existence.

In the Dano project area women work in the production of wood-saving stoves, so-called green stoves.

Promotion of women

Women in Ethiopia are disadvantaged in many ways. Especially in rural areas they must work hard, but seldom have their own income and are thus to a high degree dependent on their husbands.

Women bear, in the truest sense of the word, the main burden of poverty.

“Only when we improve the social standing of women will Ethiopia overcome poverty in the long run!” Karlheinz Böhm once said, and exhorted the people to equality of men and women.
Although the Ethiopian constitution concedes largely the same rights to women as men, girls and women are still strongly discriminated in everyday life. They bear – in the truest sense of the word – the main burden of poverty. Together with the antiquated way of thinking, time- and work-intensive tasks in the household prevent them from receiving a school education or vocational training, and bar them from gainful employment.

To improve their living conditions and strengthen their social standing, we offer manual training course and microcredit programmes specially for women. That helps them develop their spirit of initiative. It releases them from dependence and is thus the key to sustainable development of society overall.

Sewing cooperative in the Wore Illu project area.

Our activities in detail


Microcredits for women
> Small businesses and business start-ups
Sewing courses
Training for improved handiwork
Training in entrepreneurial skills
Support for start-ups
> Homes for children and young people
> Infrastructure
Road construction

It’s so easy to help

250 euros

will pay for a microcredit including training for a woman.

400 euros

will enable a woman to participate in a pottery course.

600 euros

will enable a woman to participate in a weaving course.

Other focal points of our work