Students at the Agro Technical & Technology College (ATTC) in Harar

Benjamin Freiberg, Deputy Country Representative & Director of Administration, hands over the pledge to Dhaba Debele, Head of Oromia Agriculture and Natural Resource Bureau and Chairman of Oromia National Service Committee.

Donation for COVID-19 prevention facility reaches 1.7 million ETB


Menschen fuer Menschen Foundation donation for COVID-19 prevention facilities in Ethiopia reaches 1.7 million Ethiopian birr.

The Foundation pledged half a million ETB for Oromia region, another half a million ETB for Amhara region and 200 thousand ETB for Harari region for purchase of COVID-19 protection facilities today.

The foundation is procuring COVID-19 prevention facilities such as hand sanitizer, face masks, blankets and bedsheets for communities in the three regions who are highly vulnerable to the epidemic.

Today, Menschen fuer Menschen Foundation, Deputy Country Representative & Director of Administration, Benjamin Freiberg, together with Asnake Werku, Director of Program Coordination and Development, handed over the pledge which is part of Oromia region to Head of Oromia Agriculture and Natural Resource Bureau and Chairman of Oromia National Service Committee, Dhaba Debele.

Receiving the donation, Dhaba forwarded his gratitude for the donation in behalf of Oromia Regional Government. He also stated that the region has more COVID-19 vulnerable citizens to be addressed and more local and international supports are expected for the highly needy people.

Ten days ago the foundation has donated half a million birr, COVID-19 prevention facilities to the capital Addis community through the City’s Mayor Takele Uma.

Menschen für Menschen Foundation has invested above five billion ETB and served more than 5.5 million people in the last 39 years through its five pillars of operations: Sustainable Land Management, Health, Education, WASH and Human development and in different corners of the country. In addition to the five pillars, since recent years, the foundation is employing an effort on Youth Job Creation activities.      

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