Corporate aid

Helping families in Ethiopia

Become our partner and help the people of Ethiopia to develop an independent a long-term perspective in their country. With your support we can make a difference. Help us to build a school for children or giving families a healthy diet through courses in improved farming methods.

Good reasons to become active

With the population of Ethiopia

Safia and her children fetch clean water from the newly-built well.

37 years of experience in humanitarian help in Ethiopia and 668 locally recruited employees make us experts in our field. We are familiar with the cultural, social and economic situation, as well as the challenges and know how we can create long-term perspectives together with the local people. Our work is directed at areas where help is most urgently needed: in the rural and poorest areas of Ethiopia. Help us as a partner of Menschen für Menschen to create opportunities for the future.

Partnership on an equal footing

Cooperation on an equal footing is our top priority. That applies equally to our work with the Ethiopian people and to cooperations with private companies and major donors. We respond to your individual wishes and together with you we develop tailor-made forms of cooperation. If you wish, you are also free to enter into a dialogue with our decision-makers.

Karlheinz Böhm in the project areas of Menschen für Menschen.

Customer and employee commitment

As a company you can offer your employees and customers many ways of doing good – with a product cooperation, sale of charity beverages in the canteen or organization of social events.
Social commitment initiated and promoted by you increases the motivation of your employees many times over and boosts team spirit. Customers increasingly expect companies to demonstrate social commitment, and adjust their buying behaviour accordingly. The more your customers can identify with your company and its activities the greater their brand loyalty.
For your internal and external communications we will send you detailed information and photos on the projects funded by you.

Get active now

There are many ways of helping. Whichever type of commitment you decide on, one thing is certain:


Donations instead of presents
Are you looking for an original present for your employees and business partners on a special occasion? Christmas, company anniversary or campaign day – a donation to Menschen für Menschen is a nice gesture and will be much appreciated by your customers, employees and business partners! We will send you examples showing what impact your donation can have in Ethiopia.
Christmas cards

Christmas cards with a donation portion for Menschen für Menschen can be ordered from Kurt Schroeder printers at Under ‘Download’ you will find the latest catalogue with many different designs for your Christmas cards.

Corporate donation

With your corporate donation we can offer the people in Ethiopia a long-term perspective and eliminate the need to flee from poverty. Our integrated development projects combine measures from the areas of agriculture, water, education, health and income. Donate for a specific area or support the dovetailing of all measures that make sustainable development possible. The form of cooperation for which you decide depends heavily, of course, on the interests and prerequisites of your company.

Charity product

With their choice of sustainable products today’s consumers make a conscious decision for a positive contribution to the world. With charity products your company will set itself apart from the competition and your customers will have an easy way to contribute to improving the world. Selling and social commitment go hand in hand, and have a positive influence on the decision to buy of existing and potential customers.

The possibilities of product cooperation are broad: donate part of your sales revenue from one or more products to Menschen für Menschen. Suitable examples are limited promotions, the launch of new product or a long-term fundraising campaign. For your publicity work we will be pleased to provide suitable picture material, text modules and reports.

Campaign days
World Education Day, World Water Day, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty – there are many so-called campaign days which provide a good reason for an informational or fundraising activity. For example water: offer the otherwise free drinking water in the canteen or tea kitchen for a donation.
Small change campaign

Suggest that your employees donate the small change on their pay slip to Menschen für Menschen. Month by month, sizeable amounts can come together in this way. The motivation of your employees can also be boosted if the management regularly matches or doubles the amount of donation.

Fundraising events

With a fundraising event you can motivate your employees, colleagues and business partners to contribute to a good cause. That boosts team spirit and is fun as well! Organize a football tournament, sponsored run or tombola. In a sponsored run each kilometre – whether fast or slow – is valuable. Participants can ask sponsors to contribute a previously specified euro amount per kilometre or lap. Alternatively, start fees can also be donated.

Social media campaigns

Motivate your employees and business partners to support a project. You as a company will donate a specific amount each time someone draws attention to the good purpose, for example during a drought, under a hashtag. Express solidarity, sympathy and support in crisis situations and boost team spirit in your company.

Inform yourself now

Our contact person Dagmar Primus will be glad to assist you if you have any questions or wishes on the subject of corporate commitment.

Dagmar Primus
Cooperations (Major donors/charitable foundations)
Tel: +49 (0) 89-38 39 79 84

Our partners


Tree seedlings for Ethiopia

Dallmayr donates five tree seedlings to Ethiopia for each coffee pack sold. Hope has been planted well over 41 million times since the start of the project in April 2008.

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Partner for over 30 years

Each year the works committee of the traditional Swabian company collects among the staff. The management then generously rounds off the amount.


The future is the most beautiful gift

PRO FUTURA GmbH supports the projects of Menschen für Menschen with donations from the sale of books, calendars and CD presents.

Druckerei Kurt Schröder

Give sensibly

In its Christmas edition, Kurt Schröder Printers offers greetings cards with donation portion for the benefit of Menschen für Menschen.