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Effective development partnership averts the causes of migration

Press meeting with former Lord Mayor of Munich Christian Ude:

“Effective development partnership averts the causes of migration – experiences from Ethiopia”


Dallmayr, a traditional Munich-based company, contributes with exemplary social commitment to the creation of jobs in the rural areas of Ethiopia

 Munich, 24 October 2018. Christian Ude, former Lord Mayor of Munich and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Menschen für Menschen Foundation, Karlheinz Böhm’s Ethiopia Aid, recently returned from a trip to Ethiopia. He is convinced that effective development partnership at eye level and with the participation of those concerned – as he was able to observe in the project areas of Menschen für Menschen – can create and promote a perspective for local population. This is particularly applicable in view of the new political situation that has prevailed in Ethiopia since earlier this year.

Ude was emphatic to journalists in Munich: “People need an opportunity to lead a better life in their home country. The causes of migration can only be averted in the long term by establishing an effective development partnership with companies, coupled with long-term social commitment. It must be the aim of each and every one of us to give people in developing countries a career perspective in their home country and enable families to build a future that is worth living. As far as Ethiopia is concerned, there is no reason for us Europeans to claim that Africa is a bottomless pit and no light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. Indeed, the latest developments since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was elected are extremely encouraging – as shown by the peace agreement with Eritrea after 20 years of violence and hostility. We are also now seeing the granting of freedoms that have without doubt been sorely missed for many years. These signals of hope must be spirited on by encouragement and support from Europe.”

The Chairman was very encouraged by what he learnt on his recent Ethiopia tour. According to official sources, the birth rate in the Borena project region, for example, has fallen from 3.2 % (2011) to 2.8 % (equal to 2.8 births per 100 inhabitants). This is alone attributable to the raised standard of living, improved educational opportunities and opening of life perspectives. “In future, we must continue our efforts in this direction,” Ude concluded, “and not by scorning the high birth rate, as we tend to do in Europe by way of admonition.”

Over 50 million trees planted: 10 years of successful cooperation between Dallmayr and Karlheinz Böhm’s Ethiopia Aid

Alois Dallmayr Kaffee OHG (Munich) is a prime example of how private enterprise can become committed to a charitable cause. The company has been supporting the work of Menschen für Menschen in Ethiopia for the past ten years. For every 500 grams of single-origin Ethiopian coffee sold, the company has pledged to donate five tree saplings to the Menschen für Menschen Foundation, Karlheinz Böhm’s Ethiopia Aid. To date over 50 million trees have been planted in Ethiopia by Menschen für Menschen.

Dr Sebastian Brandis, Executive Director of the Menschen für Menschen Foundation is delighted: “The many small saplings have grown into big trees. We are deeply grateful to Dallmayr for the many years of trust and support. Sincere thanks also go to all coffee buyers. Without their support we would not have been able to plant so many trees in Ethiopia.”

“In the long term, government measures alone will not be sufficient to bring about a sustainable change in the living conditions of the people in Africa.” Dr Brandis continues: “We need more companies like Dallmayr, to make a real contribution to the development partnership at a local level. We are therefore delighted that Dallmayr is not only continuing the longstanding partnership with us, but will also be supporting us with further projects in Ethiopia. This will help us to implement even more integrated measures in the field of education, health and the environment, and that must be a model for other German companies.”

Building new perspectives

“We are pleased to continue our longstanding partnership with the Menschen für Menschen Foundation and launch a further joint project. We are building a school for more than 1,000 children between the ages of 7 and 16,” says Simone Werle, Head of Public Relations. With the construction of the first Dallmayr school including complete facilities – from the furnishings to school material and books – Dallmayr is accompanying the children on their way to a better future. Particularly in rural regions, access to education is denied to many children and young people.

To date the Menschen für Menschen Foundation has completed 435 schools in remote rural areas of Ethiopia. Together with Dallmayr a further school is being built in the Dano project area, about 200 kilometres west of the capital Addis Ababa.

In addition, with the construction of wells – which from November will be financed by the sale of Dallmayr Ethiopia during the sustainability weeks at Rewe and Penny – the company is helping to provide sources of clean drinking water within the communities.

From mid-November, Ethiopia enthusiasts will be able to follow the progress of these projects on the Dallmayr website at and on the Dallmayr Facebook page.

The creation of jobs and income is fundamental to success

“We will adapt our work to the new situation in Ethiopia and extend our activities to further areas with an emphasis on new focal points such as targeted measures for the creation of jobs and value-added chains,” explains Dr Sebastian Brandis. “In the long term, people must be able to master their problems themselves and pursue a positive economic development, so that the exodus to Europe does not remain their only alternative for the future.”

Stronger support of so-called cooperatives is planned, e.g. in honey or oil production, in order to expand individual activities within a regional value-added chain.

Christian Ude: “Without jobs and income, people lack perspective and hope in their own country. Especially in Ethiopia, a country in which the average age is below 18, young people in the rural regions are in need of employment with a regular income. New jobs must be urgently created, particularly in the agricultural and handicrafts sector. For this we need the help of all social groups.”


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