Mission and Vision


Our mission statement

At a time in which injustice and conflicts result in growing insecurity, we are convinced that each of us is able to make a contribution to changing the world for the better. We envision a world in which poverty has been eradicated and everyone has fair self-development opportunities.


Menschen für Menschen offers everyone who strives for a better world an opportunity to help the men, women and children in Ethiopia, to shape their present and future living conditions through their own efforts.

In our project regions we have shown that joint efforts together with the population of Ethiopia lead to better living conditions in the long term. We will not give up until the people no longer need us.

It’s so easy to help

Zugang zu Trinkwasser

For 50 euros

you will give a family access to clean drinking water.


For 100 euros

you will pay the costs of a literacy course for 20 persons.


For 150 euros

you will enable 30 children to be vaccinated against ten diseases.